Who We Are

Cast members helping with load-in

Cast members helping with load-in

Middleton Players Theatre is the original community theatre organization in the Middleton, Wisconsin area, having produced nearly forty shows in its 25 year history! Our local and national actors, artists, musicians and volunteers represent a wide range of diversity, skills, and talents and have been recognized by BroadwayWorld.com and other organizations for their excellence in the theater arts. Middleton Players Theatre strives to highlight and support local businesses and organizations, and endeavors to build relationships through financial and creative support throughout the community.

Miss Saigon  talk back

Miss Saigon talk back

Our Mission

As Middleton’s premiere community theater, Middleton Players Theatre’s mission is to provide an artistic and educational outlet for members of the community while producing outstanding theatrical productions of the highest possible quality. MPT strives to create a collaborative environment where people are respected, treated well, and appreciated for what they contribute. Middleton Players Theatre prides itself on:

  • Presenting a broad range of theatrical presentations; including musicals, dramas, comedies, and new shows not yet produced in the area.
  • Providing hands-on theatrical and educational experience to youth and adults.
  • Celebrating the achievements of all our dedicated artists and professionals, who all volunteer their time to make MPT a success.
  • Providing value for our supporters.
  • Being a positive driving force in the greater Madison theater community.

Community Impact

Middleton Players Theatre utilizes the skills of many local volunteers, who aid in all areas of operation. Our relationship with Middleton High School allows us to donate set and costume pieces to the Middleton High School theater department, who in return help us with volunteers, rehearsal spaces and other needs of the organization. Materials for sets, costume construction, props, printing, and other materials are purchased or borrowed from businesses within the Middleton and Madison community.

Educating Through the Arts

Middleton Players Theatre values its placement as a community theater. Through each production, our artistic staff and producers strive to provide an educational experience through musical theater performance. Casts and volunteers alike are given valuable, hands-on experience in working in a professional atmosphere, all while building strong interpersonal and professional connections. The talents and skills our volunteers learn each summer is immeasurable! Beyond this, Middleton Players Theatre uniquely strives to educate the general populace on the value of the Broadway musical by offering occasional post-show talks and lecture-demonstrations, often involving guest artists and members of the production staff. A detailed history of each work in the repertoire is specially prepared for the MPT playbill to complement the learning experience.

Leading the Way

Middleton Players Theatre tries to set a good example as a community leader. We have impressively demonstrated cultural diversity in its hiring, casting, programming and governance, and 80% to 90% of our annual budget is spent within the local economy. Several national studies have shown that the abundance or absence of cultural activities is one of the primary determining factors in convincing new companies to move away from bigger metropolitan areas to cities of our size. We are told that our productions are often a major boost for tourism, with hotels and restaurants positively impacted, and that our high standards provide major incentives for local corporations for whom cultural events are key elements of attracting qualified executives to our area.

Year after year, MPT has delivered Broadway-sized productions, with large casts, high quality staging and props and innovative music. They deliver a quality product that entertains affordably, fills local restaurants and sends audiences home with smiles.
— Van W. Nutt, Middleton Chamber of Commerce