We're Crazy For: Krystal Lonsdale

Krystal Headshot.jpg

Krystal Lonsdale plays Irene Roth, Bobby's hilariously frustrated fiance.  Keep reading to find out more about both Krystal and Irene.

Are you a Madison native? If not, what brought you to the area?

Before moving to Wisconsin nearly 5 years ago, I lived all over the place including New York City, Colorado, Switzerland, Florida and even Nevada.

Have you performed with Middleton Players Theatre before?

This is my first show with MPT and I couldn’t be more delighted with the experience! Crazy For You was irresistible for me to audition for because I love dance-heavy, comedic, large theatrical productions; Gershwin is also one of my favorite composers. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to do this work with a very talented cast and team.

What do you enjoy about your character?

Irene is bold, witty, assiduous, provocative, and exudes confidence. We also get to see that she can unleash a unique type of passion, and can reveal a dash of tenderness too. Getting the chance to highlight those qualities in a character is fun and empowering.

What is your favorite part of the rehearsal process?

I love that sweet spot when I feel comfortable enough with the material and the relationships between the different characters to finally take a chance and implement what’s been stewing in our heads. This happens right before I have to “set” what we’ve worked on for the performance, and I find it to be the most creative part of the process for me.

What do you do when you're not performing/working in the theatre?

Yes, I have a few jobs which include teaching Music Together around Madison, working for a non-profit, and investing. I also keep busy by spending time with my two lovely children, Donovan and Bridget.

What is your favorite theatre memory?

When I got to perform with my husband three years ago in Music Theatre of Madison’s production of 35mm

What is your strangest experience in theatre?

It’s too strange to share. Let’s just say that when the term “hybrid” is in your contract: RUN!         

What musical theatre song do you shamelessly belt out?

She Used to Be Mine from Waitress, although more recently it has been Never Enough from the Greatest Showman (if that counts).

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

I love to work on my hobby farm: I have a garden, a forest, chickens, wild cats, goats, a llama, and sheep. I’m always experimenting with homestead related things that I find on youtube and pinterest (my attempts, on average, fail). But it’s fun and humbling!