Can't Help Falling in Love With: Bryanna Plaisir

Bryanna Headshot.JPG

We’re excited to welcome Bryanna Plaisir into the MPT family! Bryanna plays the bubbly, hopeless romantic Lorraine in All Shook Up. Read on to discover more about Bryanna, how she fell in with MPT, and what else she’s performing in this summer!

Have you done a show with Middleton Players before?

This is my first show with MPT! I currently am a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Theatre and Mathematics. I was taking a class and working on the university’s production of Into the Woods and (MPT Artistic Director) Thomas J. Kasdorf was my instructor and approached me and asked me to audition!

What is your favorite theatrical work (play, musical, opera, etc)?

Miss Saigon is my favorite musical! The music is just absolutely lovely and I fall in love all over again every single time I listen to the soundtrack!!

What is your favorite theatre memory?

My last high school production was The Producers and once the curtains closed my best friend and I took our last final bow and kinda just hugged each other for a solid ten minutes. We were both going to different colleges to study theatre. It was the last production we would be in together for a while, and we both knew that we would miss each other but also have a great time on our own. It was bittersweet.

What is your favorite part of the rehearsal process?

Technical rehearsal!! I love seeing everyone’s hard work come together right before having an audience. I love when costumes, scenery, lighting, and all the other elements come together for the first time. It’s almost a magical experience!

What do you enjoy about your character Lorraine? In what ways are you similar or dissimilar to her?

Lorraine is very much a hopeless romantic. Her love for Dean is what drives her throughout the show and ultimately what makes her decide to stay. I am very much similar to this in term of the goals that I have for myself and the things that I wish to achieve in my life.

What do you do when you’re not performing?

I’m usually studying or memorizing for an upcoming show!! I am currently taking two summer classes and preparing for two more musical productions: Parade with MPT and Hephaestus with Music Theatre of Madison

Come see Bryanna play Lorraine June 27-30 in All Shook Up! Tickets are available at