Omigod You Guys! It's Candice Jones!


Candice Jones portrays exercise mogul Brooke Wyndham in her 5th show with MPT. Keep reading to find out more about Candice, and why Legally Blonde may be the show that best describes her!

Are you a Madison native? If not, what brought you to the area?

No, Minnesota native! (Don’t hate me!) In classic Madison fashion, I got a job at Epic right out of college, and have been here ever since.

Have you done a show with Middleton Players before?

Yes, I was Judy in A Chorus Line (2014), Estelle in The Full Monty (2017), Ensemble in Ragtime (2017), and Ensemble in Crazy for You (2018).

What are people going to think about as they drive home from the show?

The fact that Oh My God, You Guys! will never leave their brains ever again. Also, that Elle Woods is an incredibly underrated feminist heroine.

What do you enjoy about your character Brooke Wyndham? In what ways are you similar or dissimilar to your character?

I love how driven and confident Brooke is. She works her (literal) butt off, and has built a self-run empire in a male-dominant industry. Not only that, she believes in others and believes in herself. I don’t think I’m quite as image conscious as Brooke (I’ve never gotten liposuction, and think that everyone will have cellulite eventually), but when I have an end goal, I, like Brooke, will work incredibly hard and do whatever it takes to get there.

What is your favorite theatrical work?

Right now, probably Waitress. The music made me cry the first time I heard it, and the show has me in tears at the end.

What was your strangest experience in theatre?

I haven’t been in any terribly strange shows, so the strangest experience was probably a show I saw reinterpreting the Minotaur myth where the labyrinth was a cruise ship, and the audience was sitting at the tables as if we were also passengers.

What musical theatre song do you shamelessly belt in the shower or in your car?

All of them? Is this a trick question?

Give us a fun fact about yourself—do you have any special/hidden talents?

Most random fun fact: I tricked my parents into thinking I could read as a toddler by memorizing and reciting books on tape while flipping through the book. This worked until one day I was “reading” upside down, and my cover was blown. Incidentally, I was apparently a terror to tell stories to as a child, because I memorized those too and would correct my parents when they used the wrong words.

What theatrical work best describes you?

Legally Blonde, because it’s completely saturated in the color pink.

What would you like audiences to know about this show?

To steal Mean Girls’ tag line, don’t be fooled by the pink. The undercurrent of this show is to be yourself, and that women are infinitely more successful together than apart.