Come and Meet: Patrick Chounet

Patrick Chounet will be playing Father in our upcoming production of Ragtime. Last season Patrick appeared in all three of MPT's productions. Learn more about Patrick’s favorite part of the rehearsal process and what he does for his day job.

Are you a Madison native?

I am originally from right outside of Cleveland, OH (Euclid). I moved here in 2012 to work at Epic, and I’ve been here ever since!

Have you done a show with Middleton Players Theatre before?

Last season was my first. I was a company member, so I did Jesus Christ Superstar, Sunday in the Park with George, and Seussical.

What do you enjoy about Father? Are there any challenging aspects of his character to portray?

Father is an interesting character to play. I think he really loves and cares about his family, as well as others, but he equally cares about the status quo and how others perceive him, which leads to a lot of internal struggle and conflict throughout the show.

What is your favorite part of the rehearsal process?

Definitely the people. Theatre brings people together very quickly, and it’s how most of my friendships come about. Getting to work with new people and ride the roller coaster of a show together is always exciting!

What do you do when you're not performing/working in the theatre?

I work out at Epic as an Ambulatory Technical Services Representative. When I’m not at work or in rehearsal, I spend a lot of time over at MadPower Training doing yoga and HIIT workouts.

What would you like audiences to know about this show?

It’s intense. Definitely not a feel-good show you leave humming along happily … well, maybe still humming along, just without a different set of feelings.

What is your favorite theatre memory?

Probably my first trip to NYC. It was right after I graduated college, and we went to do a workshop with the revival cast of Godspell. As this was my first show, it already had a lot of sentimental value, but being able to go see it as my first Broadway show was pretty awesome as well! Also went to Ella’s Stardust Diner for dinner, and then saw Wicked that evening before getting on a bus and heading back home.

What is your favorite Broadway musical?

It’s Dear Evan Hansen currently ... though if you ask me a “favorite” question, it is likely to change day to day.

What musical theatre song do you shamelessly belt out?

I feel like there is no wrong answer to this. If it is a song I know, I am ready to belt it out. Doesn’t matter if I can sing the part or not: challenge accepted!

BONUS: Give us a fun fact about yourself.

I have an obsession with pigs. In my office at work, there are probably close to 30 pigs scattered around. My apartment has even more!

Dont miss your chance to come see Patrick in our upcoming production of Ragtime! Performances are August 10-13 at the Middleton Performing Arts Center. Tickets can be purchased here.